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NAIDUST® (PTFE Treated Dusting-inhibiting Cement)

Environment-friendly technological cement, which effectively controls dust emission and scattering during construction without compromising the ease of application.

NAIDUST® is environment-friendly technological cement, which effectively controls dust emission and scattering during construction. By adding a small amount of PTFE, NAIDUST® offers its dust-inhibiting properties without compromising the ease of application and without affecting its physical properties of a conventional cement. NAIDUST® provides as wide a range of different applications as ordinarily Portland cement, being also suitable for facing slope-sprayed-mortar or plastering mortar. With its innovative dust control mechanism, NAIDUST® effectively cuts dust emission during construction, which is also beneficial to improving the work environment for operators. NAIDUST® is particularly suitable for construction in urban areas, vegetable gardens or fruit farms where dust-control is desired.



Difference in dust emission when using NAIDUST® and Ordinary Portland

Ordinary Portland Cement

Dust-inhibiting Mechanism

Micrograph of PTFE fiberNAIDUST® contains a trace amount of PTFE that is finely fibrillated in a spider-net form so as to capture cement particles. This innovative mechanism successfully reduces dust emission to approximately a twentieth to a hundredth part of that of Ordinary Portland Cement (comparison with our product). NAIDUST®’s dust emission is 50cpm * and below, which represents a level lower than the dust condition on a relatively crowded train.

(* : count per minute)
Note : The sample in the photo has a higher content of PTFE than ordinary cement.


NAIDUST® is highly effective when plastering mortar and cement-grouting for concrete piles in constructions where dust-control is desired such as urban areas or shopping malls.


Flexible container
25Kg bag

NAIDUST® is available in flexible containers and 25 kg bags.


  • Availability of products and packing types varies from region to region. Please contact your nearest branch office for further information.
  • NAIDUST® is a registered trademark for a PTFE-treated dust inhibiting cement product that Aso Cement manufactures.

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