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Innovative Products

Innovation is a key focus at Aso Cement. Our team of experts works on creating innovative products which are environmentally friendly and provide high added value for customers.

NAIDUST®, environment and people friendly cement

NAIDUST®NAIDUST® is environment-friendly technological cement, which effectively controls dust emission and scattering during construction. By adding a small amount of Teflon™, NAIDUST® offers its dust-inhibiting properties without compromising the ease of application and without affecting its physical properties of a conventional cement. NAIDUST® is particularly suitable for construction in urban areas, vegetable gardens or fruit farms where dust-control is desired.

High level dust-control effect

NAIDUST® cuts a significant amount of dust during construction, highly effective to

  • conserving the neighboring environment
  • improving work environment

Wide applicability as Ordinary Portland Cement

NAIDUST® offers the same level of strength development as ordinary Portland cement, equally suitable for same usage.


  • NAIDUST is the first product of its kind in the world. Aso Cement has obtained a patent for the production technology of this product jointly with Chemours-Mitsui Fluoroproducts, Nippo, Murakashi Lime Industry.

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