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Our Mission, Vision & Values

At Aso Cement, our purpose is to contribute to local communities and the nation through creating a sustainable future.

Aso Cement is striving towards becoming the first successful model company in Japan, in building reliability into people’s lives through helping realize a sustainable resource-recycling society.

Our mission – “Challenge the status quo, leading the changes”

To realize this mission, Aso Cement is committed to:

  • embracing the reliability cultivated over a century of our business, and by continuously supplying products and technology that help realize reliable lives for local communities and the nation.
  • building infrastructure that helps to protect and enrich people’s lives.
  • developing a successful model of a Japanese company through a performance-oriented culture that always looks ahead with a passionate, community-minded global business approach.
  • developing and creating a workforce with people who are global-minded, broad-thinking, and respected by local communities as members of society.

Our vision – “Building reliability in our lives and cities”

Aso Cement aims to provide safe and reliable products and technology. We strive to become a company who plays an indispensable role in building a safe infrastructure.

We consider it as our mission to address the challenges of customers and local communities, challenge the status quo, and lead the way in making changes through business.

To achieve this, each one of our people proactively works toward a sustainable resource-recycling society, understands in advance the wide range of needs and requirements, and be creative in generating new values.

Aso Cement will build “reliability” in our lives and cities together with customers and local communities.

Our core values

The work of individuals is aligned with shared values, internal beliefs and practices. Aso Cement employees share the four core values: Safety First, People Development, Customer Orientation, and Performance Culture, which form the foundation for our people and to successfully build reliability in lives of our customers and local communities.

4 pillars

Safety First

Health and safety is our core value. We put utmost priority on the health and safety of our customers, local communities, families, and all those who work on our premises including all employees, sub-contractors, and third parties.

People Development

We encourage our people to work on developing their skills with strong motivation and support them to grow as individuals.
We are determined to provide a working environment where everyone works hard together for growth, actively and fully demonstrating their abilities with an adventurous spirit. Opportunities to go abroad help our people broaden their views and develop skills to become global-minded leaders.

Customer Orientation

We believe that we will be successful if our customers are successful. We are committed to helping our customers create better value in their businesses than our competitors. Aso Cement aim at being the preferred supplier for all users of our product.

Performance Culture

We aim to make performance a daily commitment. We work with foresight for greater achievement, always striving for higher goals.

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