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Welcome to Aso Cement website. Here you will learn all about our company's activities in Japan, including the range of products we offer, the company's history and the attention that we give to our stakeholders: customers, employees and local communities.

NAIDUST® (Teflon™ Treated Dusting-inhibiting Cement)
Naidust®, environment-friendly technological cement, cuts 90% of dust during construction, suitable for sites such as urban areas and shopping malls.
Super Solid Ace (Teflon™ Treated Dusting-inhibiting Soil Cement)
Super Solid Ace, a dust-inhibiting technological soil cement, is highly effective to conserving the neighboring environment and protecting workers' health.
Technical Support
Our experienced team of experts offers professional support and provides optimal solutions for customers. Contact our support team for technical consultations.
Health & Safety
Health and safety are absolute priorities at Aso Cement. A stringent safety policy has been put into place to promote a culture of safety throughout the company.

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