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Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about our cement products. For further questions, please contact a Aso Cement representative.


Where can I purchase the cement products?

Our cement products are available through wholesalers. Please contact our sales offices or your nearest wholesalers.

Where can I purchase ready-mix concrete or precast products which are made from Aso Cement’s cement?

They are available at ready-mix plants and precast plants across the western Japan. Please find your nearest ready-mix plants or precast plants through the “Wholesaler and Ready-mix Plant and Precast Plant Map” on the website.

What size cement products are available?

Our cement products are available in bulk, flexible containers and 25 kg bags.

Bulk, flexible container and 25kg bag

Do you deliver cement?

We deliver our cement to customers’ sites by truck either from our plants or 20 terminals located throughout the western Japan.

Cement products

What should I be careful with in handling cement?

Cement is an alkaline product. Thus, it can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, or respiratory system after contact. In the case that the product comes in contact with the eyes, wash them with water immediately and consult with a medical specialist. During the use of this product, please wear protective gear, such as protective glasses, mask and gloves. As this product contains a trace amount of chromium compound, it could cause one who is hypersensitive to hexavalent chromium to have an allergic reaction.

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