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Contact our Recycling Team

Contact our recycling team for inquires or consultations related to industrial waste recycling.

Contact our Recycling Team

For inquires about industrial waste recycling:

Note : Due to the laws and regulations, waste from home or individuals cannot be treated in our plants.

Type of industrial waste

Our Tagawa and Kanda plant, certified Intermediate treatment facilities, have been treating a wide variety of industrial waste as listed below.

Intermediate waste management contractor license acquired : Tagawa Plant in October 1983, Kanda Plant in April 1990.

Types of
industrial waste *1
Treatment method Treatable amount (ton/day) *2
Tagawa Plant Kanda Plant *5
[Industrial waste] Incineration *3 4,500 3,500
Waste plastics
Chips and sawdust
Waste textile
Animal & vegetable remnants
Waste rubber
Metal scrap
Mining waste
Demolition debris
Soot & dust
Processed material for the disposal of the 19 types of industrial waste *4
Waste oil
Waste acid
Waste alkali
[General waste *6] Refuse incineration - 48,000 tons/year
Incineration ash
Animal & vegetable remnants

*1 : In some cases, we may not be able to receive the waste. Such cases include the waste which contains a large portion of materials that may affect the quality of cement or the waste which is difficult to treat.
*2 : The treatable amount depends on the type of waste
*3 : Incineration: Incineration here means that to create clinkers, intermediate product of cement, by burning materials at high temperature and bringing about chemical reaction
*4 : such as sewage sludge melting slug and concrete-solidified cement
*5 : Chlorofluorocarbons destruction treatment license acquired in 2003
*6 : General industrial waste treatment facility (Fukuoka Prefecture) General industrial waste management contractor (Kanda town)

Steps for receiving industrial waste

Steps for receiving industrial waste